I just spent the most stress-filled lunch hour I’ve ever had, after checking in with my bank balances and finding that our hotel reservation for this weekend in Chicago had been canceled and credited back to my credit card! I used Hotels.com to make the reservation. I had used them when we went to New York last fall and had no problems with it, and got a fairly cheap rate. I figured I’d do the same for Chicago, and had gotten a decent rate for where we are staying, but today I discovered that they had canceled the reservation. I called, and after what seemed like forever on hold, I was informed that I must have called in and canceled it. Umm, no! It seems that my name is incredibly common and that somehow they had canceled the wrong reservation. Not good, not good at all. Luckily I was able to rebook the same reservation, at an even cheaper rate. (The savings wasn’t worth the stress though!) But some other Mike McBride out there thinks his reservation got canceled and it didn’t, I’m betting. He’s not going to be too happy.

Geoff posted an interesting IT worker question over in the forums just now. What salary would you expect for the job as he describes it? I know I’m not the best judge, because all of my IT experience has been with non or not-for profits, so I’m curious as to what sorts of responses he’s going to get.

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