Would you pay $500 to spend the day listening to people talk about blogging? Not that I was one of the “invited”, (I probably don’t live close enough to Boston) but please! I’m already sick of reading all the BS hype about blogging as it is! In fact, one day last week I was so fucking sick of all the bull that goes with blogging that I came about this close to just giving it up completely! Then I remembered why I got into his and the people who I do enjoy reading and decided against that. Still, I think maybe this is the “tipping point” that all of these blogger-as journalist keep talking about, but it’s not the tipping point they think they’re getting. It’s the tipping point where the rest of the world laughs at us for paying $500 to sit around and discuss blogging for a day. I wouldn’t waste the time, let alone the money!

Think of it this way, there are those who do things, and there are those who sit around talking about doing things. Which group are you in?

Thanks to Joy for the link

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