This is a test, it is only a test..

This is not actually a production feature yet, but take a look at the Beta RSS feed for this blog. How does it look in Radio, and other feed readers? I think it’s a little neater than the other one I have going. The one downside is that the links are not the same as the permalinks, so if you point to an entry on your blog using the RSS feed link, once the post moves off the main page, your link won’t work any more. You’ll have to be careful to come here and use the permalink instead.

I’m not getting rid of the other feed just yet, this is still a beta and while I’m testing it today, I may not continue updating it all the time with the new entries. I’ll be sure to let you know when it moves into the production servers of Blogger Pro.

Speaking of RSS, YACCS had to change the URL’s of their RSS feeds because someone was spidering the feeds. If you use YACCS and subscribe to your comments feeds, you’ll need to grab the new URL’s from your control panel. I handle the commenting for a few people’s blogs with a YACCS account and use the RSS feeds to keep up with comments easily. It’s not a bad feature.

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