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I saw this little utility on Lockergnome today and just had to try it out.

It works pretty much as advertised. It automatically filled in the server details for Gmail and Yahoo, but not Hotmail. I could set-up any SMTP server manually though. I could easily right-click any file and use the “backup to email” function to email that document up to the mail server for safe storage, which would be nice for some very important files. Obviously, I couldn’t possible use this tool to replace my external hard drive that backups my thousands of digital photos, but it could be a pretty useful tool.

A couple of things I wasn’t overly impressed with. One, it seemed slow. I test E-mailed a 32kb file and the process of opening the program and sending the email took a good full minute. Secondly, the set-up screen’s text needs updated. The program supports many different email servers but refers specifically to Gmail in the set-up screen. That will confuse some people!

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