Social Observation

Last night at the Columbus Clippers game, we were witness, for at least the third time this year, to a social phenomenon that I need an explanation for.

Yet again, Angela and I were sitting there, enjoying the game, when we couldn’t help but notice the middle-aged man, there with his kids, flirting with the young, attractive women sitting near him. Seriously, what the heck?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m no prude, and I do my fair share of harmless flirting, even as a happily married man, but these cases seem to go a bit beyond that. It’s not exactly harmless to be at a ball game with your kids, ignoring them so you can chat up the girls sitting by you. What are you going to do when the kids go home and tell Mom about the game? 🙂

Does this go on everywhere, or are we just lucky to sit by those rare dad’s who feel like this is ok?

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  1. I know this sounds awful, but as social commentary–
    A long time ago an older guy I worked with told me that he had “gotten more girls” since he had gotten married and wore a wedding ring. I think having your kids there is something of the same thing. I’m a committed family guy that you can hook up with no strings attached.

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