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This Blog Post Was Not Written Using AI

You would have to have been totally off the grid to have not heard the hype around ChatGPT and other generative AI tools. You know, the ones that will create photos for you, write for you, etc. It’s the ultimate efficiency tool. No more spending time writing and creating content. Just tell the artificial intelligence what you want and wait for it to do all the work.

I’ve seen all the hype, yes. Unlike many other writers, I haven’t been interested in having ChatGPT write any blog posts for me.

There’s a simple reason for that. I’m not here to market my content. I’m here to be me. I’m online to connect with other real people and the ideas that live in their heads. I write to share those ideas with others, but I also write because writing helps clarify my thoughts and ideas. It’s practice for the many times I find myself needing to go into more detail and flesh out ideas in front of other people. Asking a chatbot to write this post wouldn’t give me mental exercise. It would remove the challenge of figuring out what I want to say and how I want to say it.

Intellectual laziness doesn’t make me more intelligent or better equipped to deal with the modern world. If my only goal were to be efficient, I wouldn’t even be here. Sharing my thoughts and trying to connect with people online is not an efficient way to spend time. Done correctly, this endeavor does make me a better person. Creating is human. If we stop creating because there are tools that will do it for us, we will be giving away our humanity.

So, AI might be great for efficiently creating stuff that is required. If your job is to write “content,” this might be a great tool. But if you want to learn, create, and be a better human, set it aside, do the work, and be yourself sometimes too.

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