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Thanks for allowing me the temporary diversion in the interest of helping out Ohio’s libraries, now for the random techie comments:

Perhaps the worst drive-by adware ever! According to, this one actually goes ahead and downloads the .NET framework if you don’t already have it, without asking, so it can use it to display advertising! (link via Security Awareness)

Scoble’s got a link to this CNET FAQ: Blogging on the job. A few thoughts:

I don’t ever identify the place I work, so some of this doesn’t so much apply to what I do here. On the other hand, I do some of this during work time, so I have to be sure that writing here, in some way, helps me do my job. I don’t think there’s any question that writing here has allowed me to access a community of tech bloggers, who have generously shared their own knowledge of technology. Access that I didn’t have before I started this blog.

I also somewhat disagree with Robert’s comments about your boss probably reading your blog. While it’s always safe to assume he/she is, and I would highly recommend writing accordingly, if you don’t work in a very tech-savvy industry, chances are no one is. If you work for Microsoft like he does, hell yeah it’s likely. If you work in a small manufacturing plant in the Midwest somewhere, (Which is not the type of place I work, by the way!) it’s not very likely at all. Of course, that all goes out the window if you write about the company alot and get to the top of Google for that search term. Someone will find you then, and probably tell your boss about it! 🙂

On the other hand, if you are searching based on my name, you’ll find me pretty easily, so just in case someone decides to Google me, I can point out the number of ways this site helps me do my job and, therefore, helps the organization I work for. I think that’s the focus that keeps you out of trouble with employers, blogging as a way of bettering yourself, and your value to them, as opposed to blogging so you can complain about or mock them.

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