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Darran Evans was kind enough to take a moment and tell me about a site he works on called Help With PC’s. Looks like a pretty useful site, I added it to the permanent list of PC help resources. It reminded me that there a lot of clean up that needs to go on with those pages. Add it to the list!

While out running around, after my haircut, I picked up the latest Midnight Oil cd. I learned earlier in the week about it, and their impending US tour this spring. Ticketmaster lists them as being at Bogart’s in Cincinnati May 21. I’m planning on making that trip. I’ve been a fan since 1983, and though they’ve had little recent US sucess, I know they are still one the biggest bands in Australia. They are amazing live, as well. (And yes, part of me hated giving the record company any money, but at least I made sure it wasn’t one of those damn copy-protected cd’s!)

Jevon, in response to your post, you are free to disagree. That’s cool. I can’t go into a lot of detail about the reasoning that is actually going on behind the scenes, but I wanted to walk away so that I don’t become the issue, getting things fixed becomes the issue. I don’t have a big enough ego to want to make it about myself and my site when it’s about their customers getting their service back.

Speaking of Jevon, he’s opened up Blogtrack 2.0 beta to everyone who has a current Blogtrack account. I’ve been beta-testing for him and, while it won’t blow you away, I don’t think, it’s definitely got some nice little features that will have you saying “Oh yeah that is a good idea” as you get into it.

Is it just me, or are entirely too many people spending entirely too much time obsessing about Chris Pirillo’s life, wife and business? Get a hobby, go outside, read a book, listen to some good music, move on already! I can hardly stand to read Chris or Gretchen’s blog’s anymore!

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