Confusing but good

I did get to try and install StatCounteX yesterday, and then this morning found the version that adds password protection to the stats, which I was rather disappointed wasn’t there to begin with. Turns out it was a user uploaded version. There wasn’t much in the way of documentation, I guess that’s a hazard of being open source..:) But I muddled through and got everything up and working. I really like it, it does everything that I want it to, and then some. It keeps all the stats on my server, so I can tweak them or do whatever with them as I go along, etc. I am a bit worried that eventually they’ll take up too much server space, but I can delete old stats or use the compacting utility. Again, it’s all at my discretion, I like that.

I got an alert this morning about a potential security hole in the BlackIce firewall for Windows 2000 and XP. I’m not currently using it, but if you are running it on one of those systems, you want to grab the patch.

Steven is going through the switch to css on his blog. It’s still in the remodeling phase right now, but he’s collected a fine bunch of css resources and linked to them, so you might want to bookmark those for your own css remodel, if it’s in your future. I’m not sure if it’s in mine or not, I think the blog will always pretty much be what it is, but other pages might get the css treatment, should I get bored with them.

Privacy Policies: Cut the Mumbo Jumbo -Amen to that!

Oh and guys, the wife and I went to see Brotherhood of the Wolf yesterday, and I know what you’re thinking, “Oh no, not a movie with subtitles, those never turn out to be good guy movies.” But trust me on this one, this movie is worth reading subtitles for, it’s a good story, packed with some super cool “guy” scenes. (You know the one’s with blood, and fighting and people being killed..*smile*)

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