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Last night I found some time to download and install that JetAudio that we were talking about the other day. After some messing around with the file association settings I did get it to work on RealAudio and RealVideo streams on the web. Excellent! Andy as to your trouble with making it the default player for RealAudio, I found that if you go into the Preferences Tab, under file associations you can click to make it the default for .ra, .ram and so forth. The thing you have to be careful of is to hit the “update” button once you’ve made those choices, otherwise they revert back. I got caught on that one myself. 🙂

Here’s an example of Word 2003’s save as HTML feature. (It’s one of the versions of my resume. Don’t worry I took out all the address/phone number and company names.) I know in the past this feature hasn’t exactly worked as well as you might have hoped, but, at least in this case, it seems to have worked fairly well.

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