Random odd thought for today

So I was just sitting here thinking about my “testing” with Office System 2003 when a something came to mind. I have to use the beta software at home, because there’s no money for any sort of testing environment at work. (There isn’t even an “extra” machine that I could use.) But the best way to really use software is to see how it performs basic work functions that we use it for. So instead of trying to use 2003 in my working environment, I have to make up stuff to do with it at home. That’s sort of stupid, but it’s my reality. (The same is going to hold for Windows Server 2003 when I get around to installing that.) There’s nothing I can do that will change the amount of testing budget I have at work (is there a budgetary term for less than zero?). So the only thing I can do is continue to come up with reasons to use Office System 2003 at home. Maybe I should I start taking notes on conversations with my wife so I can see how OneNote works out? Actually she might not see that as a bad idea, I might remember more things that way.*L*

Or maybe I should use OneNote to brainstorm ways I could use the applications? Ohhh that’s not bad.

Anyway, that’s my whine for today, excuse me for complaining. 🙂

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