An update on the security hole in Morpheus. The hole might just be the users..*L* I still don’t see why on earth, after being told over and over again to not open strange attachments in email, people would download and run any old file that some random stranger decided to share. Nevermind the copyright violations, and the bandwidth charges we all have to pay to keep these people running, oh don’t even get me started.

I suppose if you’re going to use these things, at least do us all a favor and get Vcatch. It promises to be ” a virus protection software. When VCatch is active it will check all the files sent or downloaded to your computer via Email and Web applications. In the event that VCatch detects that a file is suspected to be a virus, the software automatically deletes the file and notifies you” It’s supposed to work with E-Mail, ICQ, Napster, Gnutella, etc. (Via the LangaList Plus Edition and various other newsgroup/ email list sources)

According to this thread in the Trillian discussion boards, the reason Yahoo Messenger won’t connect using Trillian is that the Trillian folks got the name of the server wrong in the latest build. It should be not, so if you go into the Preferences and change that, it’ll work again. AOL is still blocking, and I’ll stop updating that now. 🙂

The hosting company that I use, well let’s just say that there is a seriously long rant in the works for them. It’s still ruminating in the back of my head, but someday soon there will be a long detailed rant of all the things I was promised when I signed up, all the things that have gone wrong since I signed up, and all the promises that have been officially shrugged off, apparently. For now, let me just say this, how ridiculous is it that I pay for hosting, and still have to go out and find my own means of getting website statistics? The deal I signed up for had “Detailed website statistics and access to server logs” listed as a feature. I have server logs that don’t even list the referrers, and no statistics. The free personal edition of Webtrends Live (Which is what they suggested as a replacement) sucks so much that I won’t even link to them. Their reports tell me I had 127 hits over the last 2 days, 125 of which came from unknown referrers, and 86 of which were on unknown pages. So I had traffic, but I don’t know to which pages, or where they came from. Very &*^!#$ useful!

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