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Going Back to Delicious

If you subscribe to the RSS feed here you may have noticed that the daily “links” posts haven’t been happening. There’s actually a reason for that. A while back, when Yahoo announced they were dropping Delicious, I went in search of an alternative. I starting using Diigo to save my links as I was perusing Google Reader, or checking links shared on Twitter. Diigo, it turned out, had a nice feature that allowed me to bookmark something there, and it would sycn up with Delicious, allowing me to continue using the Feedburner feature that lets me drop those posts into the RSS feed without having them take up all the space on the homepage of the site.

So that’s what I did, while the future of Delicious was in doubt, it worked as a temporary situation and bought me time to figure something else out.

Then, of course, Delicious got purchased, and was saved from the scrap heap. Great! What I was doing now with Diigo was still working, so no reason to change anything.

Last week, the new Delicious website rolled out, and the API that allowed Diigo to share my bookmarks with Delicious, went away. I’ve been saving bookmarks in Diigo, but they aren’t getting to Delicious, and thus aren’t being pushed to the blog. So, starting today, I’m back to using Delicious, and we shall see how this all works with their new version of the service. Hopefully I won’t have to spend too long getting things back the way I had before!

Anyone else using the new Delicious? Have any opinions on it?

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