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The results might seem surprising –

According to a remarkable new report by Workmonitor, a whopping 51% of employees will happily stay in a role they like, even if there’s no possibility of career advancement. In fact, 39% of employees said that they don’t want career advancement, because they enjoy their current role.

The article goes on to talk about the importance of better work-life balance, more of a focus on family, and even the fact that younger generations don’t believe they will ever own a house and, therefore, don’t prioritize earning a big salary and saving for a down payment.

I think there’s one thing they missed. Being a manager sucks. No one prepares you for it. No one helps you with it once you’ve reached that point. I saw something the other day about return-to-office requirements and how it’s being publicly touted as a bonus for productivity, but most managers know that isn’t true. It’s really about the fact that no one has been taught how to manage and measure effectiveness beyond “management by proximity.” In other words, we measure effectiveness by how much time you spend at your desk. Which is a terrible way to measure, and everyone knows that. But there’s nothing else. There’s no structure for anything else. So you have managers who know this isn’t about productivity but are forced to do it because that’s how they’ve been trained to manage by the people above them.

I wonder how many survey responders watch their managers struggle and/or fail because they weren’t prepared for management. Why would we be surprised that so many are happy not to bring that upon themselves?

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