So I checked the switch that conference room was connected to and the port is fine and dandy. I can plug my laptop into the port directly and it has no problem connecting to the network. This is not good. This may mean there’s trouble in the wiring in the walls of that room. I’m hoping that the conference room next to it is still functioning properly, but since both of those rooms are occupied, and seem to be booked all day for meetings, it may be tomorrow before I can figure that out. If it’s working maybe I can convince my boss that it’ll be cheaper to get a 2-port mini hub and simply split the connection from the working conference room into the one that doesn’t work than it would be to try and get cable pulled through the floor down to the wiring closet on the floor below. If neither of them works, well, that’s going to be a big problem.

In the meantime, not being able to check on the status of that other room is bugging me.

Update: Actually the more I think about it, for about the same price I could stick a 4 or 8 port router in that connection that uses DHCP and that would allow us to provide internet access to our members when they are in the building prior to or after a meeting, if they have a laptop and a network card, without having to do any configuration for them. (Yeah I know a wifi access point would do the same thing, even better, but I’m dealing with a very conservative and very tech-clueless management here, I’ve got to do this in baby steps.)

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