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It’s been a year of M365 Newsletters

I mentioned this last week in the newsletter, but I thought it was worth mentioning in the blog as well.

The M365 newsletter is a year old, and while it’s not been a huge commercial success, it’s been fun to do, and it’s brought some value to folks, whether they are paid or free subscribers. The big thing I wanted to mention is how being a subscriber and referring your peers could help get you a limited paid subscription for free:

Earn benefits. You’ll receive special benefits when more friends use your referral link to subscribe (free or paid).

  • Get a 1-month comp for 3 referrals
  • Get a 3-month comp for 5 referrals
  • Get a 6-month comp for 10 referrals

If you or one of the folks you refer to the newsletter is impacted by a layoff, have them send me a note ( so I can upgrade their free subscription to a paid one for 90 days. Trying to keep up with M365 changes can be rough when you’re not working, and I want to do what I can to help out with that while you’re going through that.

Also, if you are thinking of referring a group of coworkers or a community group, drop me an email, and we can discuss a discount group membership instead.


The referral link is in the newsletter. If you’ve been a regular reader, please share it with your friends. I don’t have a marketing budget for that or anything else I’m doing online, so the only way people find out about it is by word of mouth.

The next issue is due to arrive in the subscriber’s email tomorrow. It’ll be the June news roundup for all subscribers. As you might imagine, there’s a lot of Copilot news. The most recent issue was about Copilot versions and what you can expect in terms of eDiscovery of Copilot interactions. There are a number of items on the M365 roadmap that I’ll be digging into as they are rolled out. It’d be great to get you involved as a subscriber to talk about them.

Join us, and tell your friends!


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