Weekend Wrapup


We spent the weekend with Angela’s family, including a little trip across the border to Windsor, Ontario. It’s only about a two hour drive from where her parents live and none of them had ever been to Canada, so it was fun, even if the Border Patrol was suspicious of a car full of folks who went to Canada just for a couple of hours to have breakfast and take some pictures. 🙂

Anyway, we also made a stop at Greenfield Village on Saturday and I spent much of the trip trying out some different things with the camera, mostly taking some shots with the intention of doing some editing later to create some interesting looks. So while I went ahead and put up a couple of photos from Windsor tonight, I’ve got a whole lot of other photos I want to spend some time playing with in Gimp and trying out some different things. I’ll be posting them over on the Flickr page, and more than likely adding some of the better ones here as well as I try to pump up the Photography category of this blog.

By the way, I wonder why, when I placed these photos on the Flickr Map in Windsor, the photo’s properties all say they were taken in Detroit? Does Flickr not know where the border is?

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