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Linked – iOS 11 May be the end for digital forensics as we know it.

This should be interesting.

“Sean Morrissey, CEO of Katana Forensics has seen the beta versions of iOS 11 and now that the GM is available, his concerns for the Digital Forensics community hit the red alert status. His cause for the alert? In the soon-to-be released version of iOS, extracting data via the standard Apple Backup Service (aka ‘logically’) is no longer possible without the users passcode, whether they are digits or alphanumeric. He states that this is obviously a huge challenge for law enforcement and others conducting digital investigations that sometimes involve iOS devices. It will result in delays and some cases the loss of data in an investigation if it can not be secured quickly.”

What I suspect is going to happen is that there will be an ever-growing list of things government agencies will not allow us to do with our phones without turning over the data, and the passcode, starting with crossing the border into the US, and probably growing into it being a condition of bail, or even possibly jail time for interfering with an investigation for refusing to hand it over. Federal, State and local authorities have myriad ways to make someone’s life difficult and apply pressure to turn over that information, I suspect the litigation over it will be plentiful.


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