One of Those Days

Today is obviously just “one of those days”. I guess I should have known that when I got up early to drop my car off for service and there was no one there. The place is just 2 blocks from my office, so it’s an ideal place to drop the car, walk to work, and then walk back after work and drive home. Usually they open at 7:30AM too, so there’s no problem. Today I show up there bright and early around 8:00, but it’s locked up and the lights are out. I waited around for a bit, but eventually I had to give up the wait and drive over to work.

Naturally, work has been insane, because this is destined to be “one of those days”. Let me give you an example, one of the users here was trying to upgrade to IE 6.0. The installation died on restart. As a matter of fact, a whole lot of stuff died on restart. CHKDSK fixed errors on the hard disk by deleting a couple of rather important directories. Especially the WINNT/Profiles directory. That seemed to call for an IDE self-test, which of course the machine failed. Looks like yet another Compaq machine with a Fujitsu HDD that is going to have to be replaced. That makes 4 of the 15 we bought just last year. Just when I thought we only had 3 of those. I suppose I should inventory all of them and see what HDD came installed. I’ll add it to the list of things I should get to someday. πŸ™‚

As that was going on, and I was on the phone with Compaq (they are sending out a new drive, they don’t even argue with me when I ask them to anymore, the one upside to this) the phone system guy shows up to install a single analog line so we can hook the postage machine modem up to it. I get off the phone just in time to point him in the right direction, and grab a spare laptop for my user to use until I have the new hard drive installed. As I’m getting that setup, the sales and tech guy show up to do a live demo of our new envelope printer. So I’ve got them in one office, the phone guy in the mailroom, and I’m in another office getting the laptop setup.

Did I mention that this was during my lunch hour? *L* Needless to say, it’s now 2:15 and I’m just now settling in to eat my lunch, at my desk, in case something else comes up.

I certainly could have used an underling to help with some of this…

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