You know what I really love about Office 2007? Microsoft finally got wise to the number of people who make changes to email attachments and lose them.

We don’t use Office 2007 at work, and I can’t tell you how many times we get phone calls at the helpdesk because someone opened a Word document from an email attachment, made changes to it, hit save, closed it, and couldn’t find it again. No matter how many times we tell people that documents they get as attachments are not in our document management system, and that hitting save doesn’t magically get them into our document management system, I still find myself navigating to someone’s OLK”X” folder on their C drive remotely to grab the document they saved there once a week or so. (And yes, if you really want to have fun, try explaining to them how they could do that themselves the next time. Ever tried to navigate to your local OLK folder?)

When I open a Word attachment with 2007 and hit save, Word doesn’t just save in the same place, it forces me to file it somewhere. It’s about time!

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