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Linked – Why Employees Should Think Like Freelancers

This is an important article. Times have changed, and the fact of the matter is, there is almost zero chance that any of us will work for the same employers for 10-20, or more, years. We are all going to be moving around, working for different companies and in different types of careers as our professional lives progress. So while you may not be an actual freelancer, it is important to view your employment in something more akin to freelance work than we are used to. Especially when it comes to taking control of your own development and making sure the employment you find yourself in, is where you want to be. The company you work for will not do that for you.

It’s also important, I think, for senior management to recognize that this is going on, and that your employees are not going to be “loyal” to you if what you provide for them isn’t useful to them.

They have no reason to be.


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