A little competition

So the day after Microsoft puts out a blogging tool, Blogger releases information about a new beta version of Blogger, complete with WYSIWYG layouts, labels, and privacy settings.

I’m tempted to start a new test blog to get into the beta features, but I think I’ll simply wait until my account is eligible. I’ve got plenty to keep me busy. 🙂

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  1. As you probably already know, pretty much everything I’ve seen hyped by Microsoft and Blogger are things that WordPress has had for some time now. Yawn.

  2. That’s true, but for those of us using a windows server without access to an IIS version of mod_rewrite on the server, WordPress, as much as I’d like to try it out, just isn’t an option! 🙂

    Of course, now that I’m blogging at Friends in Tech also, I do get to play around a bit with someone else’s WordPress install.

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