Linked – The 10 airports where your phone is most likely to get hacked

The thing I hate about lists like this is that way too many people will read the list of airports, and assume they can be “protected” by just not using Wi-Fi there. In fact, every public Wi-Fi network has vulnerabilities and should never be trusted. Use a VPN everywhere, whether the airport in question made this list or not. At the hotel, at Starbucks, etc. A public network is just that, public. If you have one, you should take steps to make it secure, yes, but the customer will never know who else is on that network and how secure their connection really is. Better to make your traffic encrypted at least.

“Far too many U.S. airports have sacrificed the security of their Wi-Fi networks for consumer convenience,” Dror Liwer, Coronet’s founder and CISO, said in a press release. “As a result, business travelers in particular put not just their devices, but their company’s entire digital infrastructure at risk every time they connect to Wi-Fi that is unencrypted, unsecured or improperly configured. Until such time when airports take responsibility and improve their cybersecurity posture, the accountability is on each individual flyer to be aware of the risks and take the appropriate steps to minimize the danger.”

That time is never. The accountability is always on us.



H/T – John Simek

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