Linked – The Final Workplace Taboo: Mental Health — And Why It’s Time To Take It Seriously


“Clearly, promoting mental health in the workplace needs to be part of any company’s wellness initiatives, and resilience is a key way to integrate good mental health with productivity. In an era when mental health awareness is slowly but surely creeping out of the closet, we owe it to our employees, to our businesses, and to ourselves to lead the way.”

Unfortunately, the technology and legal industries aren’t exactly leading the way on this. I know from experience that you have to fight just to be able to take care of your own mental health, at the risk of being seen as “not part of the team”, and making sacrifices for the good of the organization.

That’s crap. Having employees suffer from depression and other issues due to work-place stress isn’t good for the team either. What’s good is having an open environment that encourages people to take care of their mental health in the same way we encourage them to stop smoking, lose weight, or take various other steps to improve their physical health.

If not, all we’re doing is adding to the stigma by differentiating between the two areas of health.


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