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Image by Witer
Image by Witer

Subscription models in iOS games and apps will surely please developers, who’ll now have the option of using a brand new, recurring revenue stream to bring in the big bucks.

As for the consumer, they may be left with tough decisions on which apps they’re willing to pay a monthly fee for. Juggling multiple app subscriptions could also be a headache, as being charged for several different subscriptions each month will start to add up. Consumers may need to become more selective about the apps they invest their time and money in.

That said, this could also lead to the cream rising to the top, forcing developers to up their game when it comes to putting out a product that’s actually worth sticking with. If the latter holds true, that can only be good news for consumers.

Personally, I don’t pay for that many apps to start with, but there is something to downloading an app for a buck or two, trying it out, and tossing it if it’s not as useful as I had hoped. Actually having to manage a subscription, and cancel it, probably means I’m going to be much less likely to try something out without knowing a ton more about it.

How about you, will subscription options alter how you interact with the App Store?


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