Could Tails Be Useful for the Privacy Concerned Frequent Traveler?

Image by perspec_photo88
Image by perspec_photo88

I’ve mentioned a few times how easy it is for your privacy to be breached when using public wifi, especially on airplanes, or using the computer in the hotel business center, etc. Yet, for frequent business travelers, sometimes these things are kind of required.

Another concern for those of us who travel for work of course, is that the computer we travel with, actually belongs to the company, and will, at some point, have to be turned over to someone and we must pay attention to what sort of personal information we are leaving behind on it. Let alone what happens if the laptop should get stolen or searched at a border crossing.

For me, I’ve been using VPN software, and remote access software to try and protect myself. I use the VPN program when connected to any public wifi network, and then I use the remote access tool to actually log into a computer at home, that belongs to me, whenever I need to make any online purchases, or access any personal information.

Over the weekend, though, I saw news that a Linux Distro named Tails, famous for being the private OS used by Edward Snowden, had put out a new release. Interestingly, it’s a Live Linux distro, so conceivably, I could boot to it from a USB drive on my work laptop without fear of leaving behind any personal info, right? And it is, by design, directing all traffic through the TOR network, to protect the privacy of the user.

Might be worth checking out at some point.

Have any of you used it, or other TOR-based privacy tools?

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