Linked – In-office work is the real threat to cybersecurity

The headline surprised me, people working in the office are less security aware, who would have thought after we spent the last three years being told by experts that remote workers were dangerous? But maybe we shouldn’t be surprised:

“Remote employees tend to feel a heightened sense of responsibility for their own cybersecurity, while office workers often become complacent, trusting their companies to handle cyberthreats on their behalf.”

There is something to this. How many times has someone fallen victim to phishing or drive-by downloads and wondered why the IT department didn’t build better protection? (I’ve seen it!)

When you work from home, it’s your connection to your network. We all know there’s no IT department putting security technology in place to protect us. It’s just us. We might not all be experts, but we know that it’s our own responsibility to not be stupid. Maybe not all of your remote folks take it this seriously, but then not everyone in your office thinks that way, either.

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