Gloomy morning

Man what a gloomy start to the day we got here in Columbus. Rainy, gray, blah. It’s one of the few days I actually am glad my office doesn’t have any windows.

The password switch didn’t go too badly, the ISP was kind enough to bend the rules a tad and send me a list of all the user passwords for our office. I think after a handful of direct phone calls from users here they quickly figured out that they didn’t want to deal with these users, that’s my job. Yeah it’s not the most secure thing, me having all the passwords, but it makes things easier. (And I’m certainly not giving them to anyone!) Although I can’t help but be saddend by the fact that the prospect of dealing with our users made them change the rules in mid-stream. It somehow seems offensive, doesn’t it? And for the record, there were 2 people who deleted the email with their password and one so far that I had to walk through entering it. Better than I thought. 🙂

I did get the newest version of Aggie, RC 3, last night. It does seem to read all of the feeds better. The only feed that Amphetadesk would read that Aggie wouldn’t was Scripting News, but a quick email exchange with Joe gave me the answer to that by using RSS Auto-discovery to get the proper feed from Dave’s site. So my 10 feed test list is being completely read in both now, so I can’t use that as a decision point anymore. I’ll have to really dig down and look at the pros and cons of each, when compared to how I would use it. More on that front soon.

Have you seen where Hotmail is going to charge for using it’s service to retrieve mail from other POP3 accounts? Like their service doesn’t suck enough as it is? Actually, the POP3 retrieval is about the only thing of value that the service has, but it’s not enough to make me want to pay them for it!

Speaking of Microsoft, with their record on security, should we not all be slightly cynical when they come up with a product called TRUSTBridge?

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