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I was on the road today, first touring the Gettysburg battlefield despite the rain and chill this morning, then Angela and I driving all the way back to Columbus, so even though Steven Vore was kind enough to send me an email alerting me to Steve Matthews new experiment, I didn’t get to actually look at it until just a bit ago.

The first look at Legal Voices though, and I immediately saw that this has some nice potential. Not only in tracking what folks in the legal industry are talking about, but also finding new twitterers to follow in my industry. Nice work Steve!

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  1. It was actually pretty fun to create too. 🙂

    After putting that post out earlier in the week on the value of twitter, it got me thinking about an industry tracker. I could have built a directory, but that’s pretty old school. And no one wants to discover new readers who never use the service.

    Now I’m thinking about using #themes and tracking them on the site too. Kick out the RSS, and build tracking pages on the site. … an ongoing conversation that could always be added too.

    Lots of possibilities anyway. 🙂 Thanks for blogging it Mike. Much appreciated… S.

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