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Linked: Is Your Job Hazardous To Your Mental Health? Grade How Your Workplace Stacks Up On Mental Wellness

Are you prepared to have over half of your employees leave?

“A survey by Mental Health America polled the attitudes of 17,000 employees across 19 U.S. industries. They found that 70% of the current workforce is searching for other jobs, and roughly 50% are checked out. Among the reasons are excessive overtime hours, a workplace that doesn’t encourage teamwork and a boss who doesn’t allow work flexibility.”

The numbers shouldn’t surprise you. A conversation I keep having, over and over again with people who are shocked, shocked, that people would leave is to remind them that unless someone is in high-level management position or an owner (partner in a law firm), it’s all just a job to them. When it’s just a job, they will always do what is in their best interest, not the organization. The failure is when management expects them to do something different.

Also, go check out the test they offer as a guide to tell if your workplace is bad for your mental health. I don’t think the legal/eDiscovery industry is going to stack up well.

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