Linked – American Airlines Will Shrink Legroom in Coach — Again

It’s not all that often that airline news releases make me miss flying all the time. This is not one of those times either.

“An American spokesman said Tuesday that the carrier’s Boeing 737 Max jets, the first of which should arrive later this year, will have only 30 inches of seat pitch in most coach seats, giving passengers an inch less space than in the airline’s older model 737s.


Worse, “up to three rows” will have 29-inch pitch, roughly equivalent to what ultra-low-cost carriers, including Frontier Airlines, give passengers. Except for the discounters — they generally have 28 or 29 inches of pitch — U.S. airlines have been reluctant to shrink standard pitch below 30 inches. (Pitch is the distance from any spot on a seat to the same place on the seat in front of it.)”

Of course, the real problem is that Americans expect to be able to fly whenever they want, wherever they want, cheaply. As long as we keep purchasing flights based on price, airlines will keep trying to make things cheaper, and the traveler experience will continue to get worse.


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