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Linked: L&D’s Role in Attracting Top Talent

This probably shouldn’t surprise many people, but I know it does surprise some people who it shouldn’t.

“The best job candidates are ambitious; they are most likely to gravitate towards jobs that offer them a chance to better themselves. A report from Pricewaterhouse Cooper (PwC) found that young professionals see learning as a perk; the professionals surveyed for that report valued learning and development more than other kinds of benefits, including even cash bonuses.”

The folks from this survey understand two things.

1. The skills they have today won’t be enough to be successful tomorrow. Technology is changing the work we do at an ever-increasing clip. If they are in a job that isn’t keeping pace, or giving them the opportunity to keep pace, it’s going to end badly for them.

2. If an organization isn’t recognizing the need for their talent to continuously learn it is not only offering a job without the kind of future they are seeking, but it’s probably not offering itself the kind of future it needs. People see this. Your top people know it’s true. They see a sinking ship long before you do. A ship that keeps doing what it’s always done without growing and adapting to change is sinking. Maybe not today, or the next year, but eventually, they know.

L&D’s Role in Attracting Top Talent

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