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“As employers’ training and development investments wane, we all have to take charge of our development. You can amplify opportunities for growth and learning by cultivating high-quality connections. Look for them inside and outside your team at work and beyond the boundaries of your organization, or even outside your professional life. The great thing about investing in building and maintaining these connections is that everyone wins.”

As a professional trainer, obviously, I think businesses who drop training from their budget are doing a disservice to their employees and themselves, but that’s no excuse for any one to stop trying to improve themselves. I found this an interesting take on it because I know for a fact that people learn more in groups. I see the results of that in classes all the time.

Typically what happens is even when a business wants to send a couple of folks to training, they may decide they can’t have all of them out at the same time, so they’ll send one at a time. Other companies will go ahead and just send the team. Guess which ones wind up more involved in class?

There’s a lot of value in sitting in the class together and being able to talk about how that would work back in your environment instead of waiting for everyone else on the team to go through training later and trying to remember what you thought way back when. It also gives you, as a team, an opportunity to interact with the trainer that you may not get when attending with a room full of strangers. (Not that attending and interacting with people outside your organization doesn’t also provide some value!)

So, if you are being forced to embark on training on your own because of a lack of budget, it can definitely help to not do it alone! This article has some good ideas to help you out.

We Learn More When We Learn Together

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