Monday morning quarterback

So what did I miss over the weekend? Angela enjoyed her birthday weekend. Thanks to the handful of folks who got through the site troubles here to wish her a happy birthday. I appreciate it! She had her own thanks to them on her site, but I wanted to thank Steven, Josh, Frank, Gene and Rogi for going over there and leaving comments.

Yes, the movie was that bad. It didn’t even make sense! For once, I agree with most of the critics who roasted this movie. *L*

Today was a staff meeting Monday, and as usual, it was useless. The President thanked everyone upstairs for their hard work in getting their offices packed up and then unpacked in the context of their getting new carpet, no mention of all the PC’s and printers I moved for people. I know it’s petty, but I was the only person who worked on all of that who didn’t get new carpet for my efforts, so a thank you was not out of line. It was a simple, small thing that would have made his one and only IT person slightly more happy about working here, and he couldn’t be bothered to do it. Also not out of line would have been checking your facts. He also announced that a consultant would be taking up what is now our “member office” (An open office that our members can use while they’re in the building on our business.) and that our member office would now be in another space, which is “fully-equipped” the same way. It’s not, there’s no analog line for use with a modem in the new space. Since most of the time the member office is being used by people to connect to the internet or their office’s network, a modem line is sort of important. I guess I have to call the telephone vendor to get one installed, since management couldn’t have been bothered to inform me of the decision, or check about what is actually there. Again, it’s small and petty, but it’s symptomatic of how little respect I get here.

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