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Got an email yesterday about a shareware news aggregator called InfoSnorkel. It looks fairly interesting, seems that it will allow you to make our own feed of just about any page, and put your feeds into categories, ala an Outlook Express-type interface. I guess it’s got some potential, but I won’t be doing a full review of it. The reviews were limited to freeware only. I might try it out for the 20 day trial period but I doubt it has enough extra features to make it worth the $39.95 price tag for me. (I have a few more important pending expenses!)

Mozilla 1.1 Beta has been released. I haven’t even had enough time to try out the full version 1.0 release and they have a Beta out already, sheesh! (link lifted from Josh)

Seems that Kevin has his own way of dealing with new employees. That would work, but generally in my case, it’s not their fault that no one told me they were coming, so I try not to take it out on them. Their supervisor on the other hand…

From Cam:

Nando Times: “According to the Direct Marketing Association’s guidelines, quoted by PC World, not responding to an unsolicited e-mail amounts to opting-in – a marketing strategy known as opting out.” Sigh, that is just plain wrong… -yes it is, wrong and stupid!

John Hiler sums up what I’ve been thinking about those who take their blogging tools a little too seriously. If I was smart and articulate, that’s what I might have said about it. 🙂 (link lifted from Corante)

Speaking of articulate, how’s this for a better metaphor than I gave before? If the RIAA and MPAA can hack computers to protect their copyrighted works, and someone steals my website design, do I have the right to hack their website or do a denial-of-service on it until they take down my design? You want to try that defense in court as an individual and see how far it gets you?

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