Busy day

Haven’t had much time to look over the tech or blog news today. Have a hard drive being flaky on me again. I got it running long enough to make a backup of the email and favorites for this person, but still have a replacement coming in overnight. There’s no sense waiting for this thing to die, I know it’s about to. Getting it going long enough to make backups lets me play the hero part, and since it’s one of our VP’s PC’s, looking the hero to her is a plus! Especially two days before System Admin Appreciation Day, as if anyone here is going to recognize that!

I’ve also been working diligently constructing an email about informing the IT Dept. (me!) about staff changes. There’s nothing like having people coming and going without making sure the IT stuff is taken care of. Generally I try to have all the details here and with our ISP taken care of before someone starts, but we’ve had instances where no one tells me someone is starting and they just show up at my office door one day. That’s a hassle!

I also have a telephone extension that won’t make outside calls right now!

So I’m keeping quite busy. How’s your day going?

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