Crash course

So today’s been just as busy as yesterday, had to swap and re-image a hard drive, yet again, put out some fires with the network printer, put together a preliminary expense report for Gnomedex and now I get to spend some time on my latest project. We’re looking into some different options for our T1 line carrier. The line will still connect to the same ISP, but we’re now in a month-to-month situation with the phone company for the line and looking at entering another contract. There’s a sales guy who claims he can get us a Full T1 cheaper than what we’re paying now for a Fractional because of some phone company special discount plan that he has access to. I think my boss is suspicious about that, so I get to check all of the technical specs behind the contracts and see what exactly we’d be agreeing to. Yeah, I need a crash course in T1 line technology and all of the various terms that are in the contracts. Hopefully it won’t take me too long to decipher the telephone company double-talk. 🙂

Wish me luck!

(Later..) Always keep a steady supply of caffeine available for reading telephone company contracts. Good thing there’s Dr. Pepper in the pop machine!

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