What a day!

It’s System Admin Appreciation Day and in honor of the day, I’m staying home. No, not really, I’m staying home to administer to my own digestive system, which seems to have some corrupt data that needs to be purged, if ya’ know what I mean. *L*

It’s also Chris Pirillo’s 29th birthday. Happy birthday you young whippersnapper you!

I suppose I should just be glad that it’s not salmonella from eating at Denny’s. Hope you feel better Mary!

Hmm, Denny’s is usually an every day stop when I’m on a long road trip, I might have to re-think that for August, eh? I’d hate to miss Gnomedex, and if I go out on a solo road trip and wind up in the hospital, I think Angela would stop being so understanding of my solo travel plans.

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