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Linked – Aliza Licht Social Media Career Advice – How To Network On Social Media

“My first goal when I got to New York City? Figure out a way to get an internship at DKNY, of course. And you know what? I did. It was around that time when the anonymous DKNY PR Girl was revealed as Aliza Licht, Senior Vice President of Public Relations at Donna Karan. After we worked on a fun Twitter project together for the 2012 Olympics, I used our already-established social media relationship and newly exchanged email addresses to let Licht know that I was applying for an internship in her department at DKNY. Long story short, that highly-anticipated internship—which I never would have gone after had it not been for Twitter—led to many more internships in the industry and eventually to my first fashion job here at Harper’s BAZAAR. And that is the power of social media.

I decided to bring things full circle and talk to Licht about being daring on social media. Not the posting a nude selfie kind of daring, but the building your personal brand, networking and taking your career to the next level kind of daring. While my Twitter-inspired move to New York may have been a risk, it’s Licht who redefined not only her own career, but also the role of PR and social media managers as a whole. Since departing from Donna Karan, Licht went on to publish her first book, Leave Your Mark, a guide to landing your dream job and using social media to excel.

I sat down with Licht to talk about how to use social media to your career advantage, the do’s and don’ts of online networking, and even the oft confusing unknown that is LinkedIn.”

There is some good advice, and thoughts, about using social media to promote yourself and make connections that can help your career, as well as some good comments on what to avoid. It’s worth your time to take a few minutes and read through the interview.

What tips do you have for someone who wants to use online networking tools to further their own career?


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