Memo to self:

Never schedule weekend work to be done on the same weekend as the Community Festival, but even if you do, check the listings to make sure you’re also not trying to drive downtown in the middle of the Gay Pride Parade. Not that I have anything against the Gay Pride Parade, or any parade, but the various detours for the parade, the festival, the construction, combined with the traffic for these events made my normal 10 minute trip into an hour-long tour of all of the neighborhoods surrounding downtown. Not to mention the nice little sauna I got going on in my car as I sat in traffic during this time.

And now, a memo to coworkers: When a database field is for a nine-digit zip code, that means 5 numerical digits, a “-” and then four more numerical digits. It does not mean 8 digits without a seperator, it does not mean “5 digits-twodigits-one more digit”, it does not mean 4 digits. Needless to say my Access stuff choked on these entries repeatedly and this has taken much, much longer than it needed to. Of course, I could also add a note to DB developers, especially the one’s who made our Membership Management system, Always use an input mask for your zip code fields so that it accepts only 5-digit or well-formatted 9-digit zips, m’kay?

Gee, and I thought weekends were supposed to be relaxing and non-stressful.

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