Major issues down..

It’s 10AM and between putting in 4 hours yesterday and two so far today, all of the major issues left over from my vacation have been dealt with. My boss’ hard drive has been replaced and the software installations finished (except for the accounting package, she has always done that one herself) , the receptionist’s email outage has been solved, my expense reports from Gnomedex have been filled out, and I’ve managed to wade through all of my email and formulate a plan for dealing with everything in there. Now I still need to do month-end, reschedule the backups that I had changed to accommodate not being here, make a bunch of database changes, make some user changes on the server, read the last week’s worth of stuff in the RSS aggregator, research that new Windows patch from last week, make a decision on Anti-Virus upgrades, confirm the training class for one of our secretaries next week, run the database through the Congressional district-matching Access tool I built, and return a couple of phone calls from vendors. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyone want my job for a couple of days?

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