Linspire as VM

Way back when, Linspire offered their OS for free for a limited time. I signed up for that, mostly in order to satisfy my curiousity. Eventually I got the ISO downloaded and tried to use it to build a virtual machine using VMWare Workstation. Unfortunately the install crashed. Since the install was kind of a lengthy process I let that go and made a note to try it again some other time. This weekend seemed like a good time to try it.

It crashed again. A third try actually blue screened the host OS. At this point I thought, ok maybe I’ve got a bad download, even thought the checksum matched. I went and got an updated ISO. That one doesn’t install either. I get the Linspire set-up screen and then nothing.

I’m still interested in looking at Linspire to satusfy my professional curiosity, but this has already taken more time than I wanted to spend on it. Has anyone gotten it installed into a virtual machine?

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  1. > Has anyone gotten it installed into a virtual machine?

    Absolutely, and without any problem. Since we are producing the international versions of Linspire, for QA it is very convenient to run them in the VM.

    The reverse is a little more complicated, but works as well. To install VMware in Linspire you have to cnr the developer tools and libraries which are needed, and only after that you can move ahead with the VMware installation, and the VM creation.

  2. Maybe I still don’t have a good download? I’ll give it another try sometime!

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