I’ve noticed a somewhat significant drop in traffic the last couple of weeks. No surprise there, the weather’s getting nicer. In turn, weekends get busier, folks are out of the office on vacation, etc. Heck this weekend, I hardly spent any time at all on-line, so I understand! I get distracted from posting, let alone reading other blogs!

So while posting might be a bit more sporadic around here, I’ll still be plugging away on this, and all the other sites I’m currently writing for. (As well as continuing my work with the Friends of the Library, my job, and always keeping an eye out for a new job, all while trying to enjoy the summer!) Be sure to enjoy your summer weather though, and step away from the computer from time to time, mm’kay?

Speaking of the other sites, my second article for 2guys2cities, a Firefox recommendation, was just posted today!

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