One of those days

I had planned on posting something yesterday. I had planned on doing a lot of things yesterday that I never quite got done. Not that there was any sort of sudden emergency or technical problems that required my attention, I was working strictly from my tasklist for the day pretty much all day. It just seemed to take everything a little longer than usual. Seemed like instead of just making a change, I found myself explaining it to someone, and then re-explaining it to someone else when that first someone didn’t quite have it right when they spoke to the second someone. Even last night, I was trying to create a few things and it seemed like everything I tried just wasn’t quite right. I did manage to put together an objective resume statement for a resume class I’m taking after many attempts, but my attempts at doing some voice overs for a couple of my podcasting buddies had to be abandoned after awhile. I simply couldn’t get those right at all!

Hopefully today will be better, but the distractions that I know were a big part of the problem yesterday have already started today. At least some of the distractions of yesterday were good news. More on that when/if my wife decides she wants to blog about it! (Update: she has and no Craig, we’re not having a little one!)

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