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Linked – FTI – managing social media and audio along with emails and the rest


“The short video which was the trigger for this thought is about Ringtail’s ability to manage social media. It takes as an example a Facebook post with a photograph, Comments, Likes etc, and shows how this kind of data can be assimilated into Ringtail, viewed and tagged like any other, and appear in search results, in Ringtail’s Mapper and other visualisation tools, and in predictive coding exercises.The video also serves as a subliminal warning to those of us who make social media posts that apparently trivial jottings can end up years later as part of an eDiscovery exercise – or, of course, because security services or commercial entities have an interest in knowing more about you.”

Working in this industry, I see the need to locate and deal with various types of data that people create on a daily basis, and the need for tools to dig into the details of Facebook posts, audio, video, etc; that is posted online.

As a social media user with an eye toward privacy, it’s also good to be reminded that the tools are out there not just to be used by people in the legal industry, but government and commercial entities as well, not to mention others with even more nefarious plans for that data.

FTI – managing social media and audio along with emails and the rest

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