Linked – Telemarketing Firm Leaks 400,000 Recorded Calls

Seriously? Are there any grown ups who work for this place?

More than 400,000 audio files associated with a Florida company’s telemarketing efforts were stored online in the clear, and were discovered earlier this month by researchers at MacKeeper. More than 17,600 of those audio recordings were customer transactions that included names, addresses, and credit card and CVV information of those called.

This is an unfortunate example, but one which illustrates that maybe some data just shouldn’t be kept. Yes, someone should have taken even one step to secure these recordings and failed to do so, but the larger question is why are they keeping that many in the first place? It’s one thing to record a call to review your employees performance, it’s quite another to keep those recordings for years on an internet facing server. There’s no reason for that, and I’m sure the people being recorded would not have agreed to that use of what is, essentially, their data.


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