Linked – American Airlines Is Eliminating Seat-Back Entertainment

This may seem like an airline cutting yet another benefit, but as a frequent American flyer, I’m OK with this. I usually have my own entertainment, either downloaded shows from our DVR to my iPad or podcasts to pass the time on domestic flights, and if they’re going to be providing WiFi that actually works well, who needs the limited options in the seat back system?

“American Airlines announced that they’re eliminating the entertainment screens on the backs of the seats in its new fleet of Boing 737 jets entering service later this year. American said that 90% of its passengers carry their own devices aboard—smartphones, tablets and computers—and that they usually work better than the back of the seat screens. They’re more up to date, have sharper and brighter screens, and are easier to use.

The new planes, called the 737 Max, will include onboard Wi-Fi from Gogo and ViaSat that will allow streaming movies from Netflix, Amazon, and others, as well as Internet browsing.”

As the article goes on to point out though, power would be nice. I am usually really good at making sure my iPad is fully powered before a flight, but it can be tricky when you have multiple flights, and little time to top off a charge. Let’s get on that American!


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