Linked – TrueCrypt Is Dead. Long Live VeraCrypt!

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Image by Dev.Arka
Image by Dev.Arka

“Until a year or 2 ago, the best-known program for creating and using encrypted container files was TrueCrypt, which was open source and widely supported with millions of users. Then the project was abruptly shut down. No one quite knows why, but rumours persist that the developers were formally discouraged from maintaining something that could allow law enforcement agencies to intercept information.Luckily, the project now lives on in the form of VeraCrypt, which is based on the TrueCrypt code. It’s still open source and it’s still free, and it works just the same. It includes some minor new features, some bug fixes, and ongoing support. And it will work with your existing TrueCrypt container files if you have any.”

Anyone used this fork of the Truecrypt code? I’m definitely going to check it out soon for some archived I’ve got laying around. At least when I get home and have a chance.

TrueCrypt Is Dead. Long Live VeraCrypt!

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