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Linked – Security Tips for Smarter Smartphone Banking (Android)

Mobile banking is everywhere, and why not? What could be better than depositing a check or paying a bill right from your phone? Heck, even through all of our cross country moves and traveling around the world I’ve done over the past few years, I still bank at the same place I did 15 years ago. I just do it all online now, because there are no branches near us.

But, it can also be dangerous if you aren’t careful. Banking details are a huge magnet for hackers, and when you’re using that phone, they want to get those details from you. It pays to think about safety too!

Some of these are common sense, regardless of whether you use an Andriod, iPhone or any other mobile device. For example, don’t use your banking app while on a public WiFi network, and setting up your bank account to send you a notification every time there’s a transaction.

I’ve had the notifications set up for a long time, not for every transaction but for transactions over a certain dollar amount. (Though I have been considering doing it for every one. Hackers are getting smarter about things like that…) Yes, it can be a pain to get an email every time I use my credit card, but it allows me to stay absolutely on top of everything that is going on, and I would know immediately if my card had been compromised and was being used. That’s important. It gets you involved in having charges disputed and possibly getting your money returned to your account much faster, and we all want that!

There’s more in the article, you should check it out.

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