Linked – Salon to ad blockers: Can we use your browser to mine cryptocurrency?

Can’t say that I’ve read anything on Salon in years, but this is an interesting response to ad-blocking, which is not going away:

“Salon.com has a new, cryptocurrency-driven strategy for making money when readers block ads. If you want to read Salon without seeing ads, you can do so—as long as you let the website use your spare computing power to mine some coins.

If you visit Salon with an ad blocker enabled, you might see a pop-up that asks you to disable the ad blocker or “Block ads by allowing Salon to use your unused computing power.”

Of course, there’s also the possibility that many of us block ads because the ads on many websites are obtrusive and ridiculous at using up resources, trying to download crapware, or just slowing down what we’re trying to do. Salon’s “solution” doesn’t seem like much of one given that you’re turning over the CPU cycles to them one way or another.

Guess I’ll just continue to not visit their website. 😉

Are you OK with a site letting you go ahead and block ads in exchange for running some cryptomining during your visit?


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